Thursday, January 4, 2018

Can you hear it...?

... the sounds of machinery slowly grinding into motion?  Creaking and rumbling... in fits and starts?

Yes, I'm going to try to start blogging again here in 2018.  I promise nothing except to try, and to give it my best shot.  I've had a few bike related posts sitting in "draft limbo" that I plan to dust off, and a few ideas for other bike posts as well. 

And then there's my various explorations in photography... taking pictures with digital cameras as well as delving into trying film again, at least in a limited way.  Limited because, well, the whole buying, processing and printing of film thing is a lot less convenient and more expensive than digital, of course.  And having to wait to see how a shot came out... it's hard to get used to that again.  In fact, more than once I've found myself looking at the back of my film camera, by force of habit, as if an image might actually appear there.  Needless to say, I felt utterly silly when I realized what I was doing.

I've also recently purchased a good scanner that can scan negatives and slides as well as prints, so I've been rooting through boxes of old slides and such and starting to digitize them.  Talk about a trip down memory lane!  Lots of fun, but it also takes a lot of time, so it will be a long process selecting and getting things scanned.

Along the C&O Canal, around mile post 12

This photo is one I took back in December with an old Olympus XA that I bought years ago, just before diving into digital.  As a result, it sat gathering dust mostly for at least a decade.  I bought it because it was highly regarded in it's day as a compact travel camera, and popular with cyclists.  It's never been cleaned or serviced as near as I know, and it's 30-some years old, so the fact it produced a decent roll of pictures right off the bat pleased me tremendously.

I also plan to share other thoughts about other parts of my life too, but we'll see how that all evolves.  Fingers crossed, wish me luck.