Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fire and Juice

Okay, so it's a bad ripoff of a Robert Frost title...

Today, Annie fired up her brand new juicer, which I'm assured is the uber-juicer, the creme de la creme, the ne plus ultra... you get the idea... she's VERY excited about it! There it is to the left, artfully displayed with greens and our first glass of orange juice.

I didn't really "get it" at first, until I thought a moment about the fact that she has fond memories of her childhood days in California, back when that part of the country was the primary hotbed for organic and natural foods, long before the nation became "Whole Fooded" from coast to coast. And it made me realize that it's much like my excitement when I bought my Smith AW1A oxy-acetylene torch (to the right there), my first piece of bicycle frame building equipment, and one of the better torches out there for the task. When I was a teenager, falling head over heels for bicycles, I lived about 10 miles from Proteus Design, one of the small custom builders that popped up in the US in the 70s. They used to offer framebuilding classes, and I dreamed of taking it and building my own bike... but alas, I never had the princely sum of $400 to spare. Now, it's a new millenium, I'm a lot older, and I paid a lot more than that to take a class in Oregon. And I have my torch... and Annie has her juicer. Woo hoo!

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LVSunrise said...

NICE segue from juicer to torch! ;) May you both have every happiness favorite toys can bring. Perhaps you and Annie can work together to invent the first ever super heated, fresh squeezed juice drinks! Think about it..... ;)