Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cherry Blossom Time

This morning I went for a long walk around the Tidal Basin in DC, at what appears to be the height of Cherry Blossom time. The weather started out grey and a bit blustery, and it was raining lightly when I arrived in the city. It was still a lovely morning, and the weather kept the hordes of tourists away for a while, which was nice for me. Relatively few folks were out, so I had the opportunity to just walk at my own pace, and stop and take photos at will. I took about 150 I think, and got quite a few nice ones. I'll put some on Flickr soon, but for the moment, here's one of the Washington Monument framed by blossoms.

The day warmed up a lot, and turned into one of those glorious, sunny days that makes DC a really pretty city... at least some parts of it. And people are out, walking, jogging, cycling, and generally having a great time. A wonderful day all in all, and one of the reasons I like having days off during the week.

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