Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What do you see?

This reminds me of those Highlights magazines I read as a kid... you know, with the pictures where you have to find something hidden?

What you have here is Tybalt, in stealth mode. Can you see him? Kinda shows how useful the tabby markings are when you're a predator. I first noticed him hiding in this clump of grass (I use the term "grass" loosely... we live in a rented house, where the yard is, shall we say, eclectic in its ground cover) when I looked out the window. It was pretty easy to see him from there, but once I went outside and was looking from a more normal angle, he was just about invisible. And he sat stock still, staring at me, as if to see if I could see him. He ended up finally leaping out and racing toward me, as he loves to do. I'm pretty sure I spoiled his fun with hunting, but he was happy for some attention from me.

This next picture is him, later in the day, taking advantage of a new flower bed, using it to observe and stalk a squirrel. He's never actually gotten a hold of one, and I hope he never does. I can only imagine those claws on a squirrel could do some damage. The little guy does like to stalk things though, and now and then will present us with some critter... sometimes dead, but sometimes still quite alive! And sometimes it will get away from him... in the house. Argh. I thought having cats meant you never had mice in your house... well, when they bring them in to play with them....


The Driver said...

It's lizard season here. We keep finding detached lizard tails on the patio.

LVSunrise said...

Bad news, cats only eat mice and other critters when they're hungry. When they're well fed and happy, well, then they're just looking for toys.... ! Now that spring is here, be sure to keep an eye out for snakes - I had a little friend, Fred, who was quite the 'snaker'.... not my favorite quality, to say the least! ;)