Saturday, April 19, 2008

Re-visiting a pasttime

Today, for the first time in a long time, my best pal Steve and I got together and tossed a Frisbee around. Back when we were in college together at Towson State University near Baltimore, we spent a LOT of time engaged in this activity... especially, it seemed, when an exam was looming! I have fond memories of many, many sessions, often late at night, out on the field in front of our dorm, throwing, running, and catching. I was never much good at any sort of fancy catching, but I did get pretty good at a wide variety of throws.

You never would have known that for the first few minutes today... passerby might even have wondered if either of us had EVER thrown a Frisbee in our lives. My first tosses were spectacularly bad, in both distance and accuracy. Even the basic back hand flip throw, I couldn't do straight and far. It was kind of stunning, and showed just how rusty I'd gotten since the last time I played Frisbee.

It only took a few minutes, however, to get the hang of it again. Before long, both Steve and I were throwing more good throws than bad, and even making a few darned good catches. And while I'm sure I wasn't chasing the disc with the grace and speed of my youth, I generally managed to run down most of the stray throws, and snag them from the air.

Now, let's see how sore my arm is tomorrow!

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