Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And STAY Out!

This morning I awoke to the news that Tomas (the cat) had brought a bird in the house. A robin. No, not the one in the picture, that's just a picture I had handy that I took a few weeks ago. Being the guy, and genetically predisposed to solving such problems, I went to the breakfast nook and stood and stared with Annie, perplexed, trying to figure out how to rescue this bird who had taken up residence among some fake greenery on a curtain rod. It finally occurred to us that if we opened the front door, and turned off the lights inside, then used something to "shoo" the bird off his perch, he might find his way out. It worked like a charm! Granted, the poor little guy didn't understand the concept of a ceiling, and whacked into it along the way, but he made it out the door and zoomed away. Success!

Then a few minutes later, back in bed, I heard an odd noise in the living room... and Annie expressing dismay. Next thing I know, she comes in and tells me that the bird is back in the house somehow! Back to the breakfast nook I go, and there he is, perched on a different curtain rod. Apparently, Annie had left the door open, for fresh air and easy cat access... and the robin just zoomed on in! I suppose there's a chance it was a different one, but it sure looked the same. This time, in flying for the door, he panicked and ended up on the floor, huddling in a corner, so I had to gently lift him with a towel, and carried him to the door, giving a gentle toss and a shout of "And stay out!" as he flew away, chirping loudly.

What a morning! And I have to imagine it was even more exciting for that bird.


Anonymous said...
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beth h said...

You know, even though it was sometimes gross, I always rejoiced inwardly back in the day whenever Taz or Wiz paid the rent. Not like our present kitty-fiends, who just sit around waiting for the next feeding. Pigs.