Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Immortal Words of Ron Popeil...

"But wait, there's MORE!"

More snow that is. We were sitting here with about two feet, give or take, already on the ground, and then yesterday another storm rolled in, bringing with it somewhere around another foot of snow and lots of wind. It may still be coming down a little in some parts of the DC region, but I think it's now mostly the wind we have to worry about.

Anyway, I went for a nice long walk in the woods and around Vienna today, while it was still coming down.

Apparently, the local NBC affiliate sent this reporter and her cameraman out to stand next to Maple Ave, in Vienna, and talk about the snow. We're weird in the DC area... weather is a major news story. I suspect any of you in the midwest are thinking "this is news????"

Anyway, one of the featured topics was apparently the Vienna Inn, a local institution, a tiny little bar/restaurant with great chili dogs that seemed to be the only open business in town. Note the number of cars in the lot... and I'm sure more folks walked! Busy day for them.

More photos can be seen here:

Feb 10, 2010


Liz said...

Hi Hi Hi,
My name's Liz in Annandale, VA, remarkably similar to Vienna, VA for its snowi- and loveliness. Holed up like raccoons as we've been this week, when we should have been shoveling the drive or cleaning the closets, we've instead been lying on the rug thinking about 'Clean Water in Developing Countries,' and one thing led to another and we'd like to build a sturdy, low-tech/no-tech, three-wheeled bike that can be fitted with a peristaltic pump and filter water clean as a person bikes. We are now wondering if you can recommend to us a good book about how to build a sturdy bike from parts. So, here we are. Can you help? Thanks very much, Liz and Brian

Tim said...

Hi Liz!

That sounds like a fascinating project. I seem to recall seeing something online about someone creating just such a bicycle based system for developing countries, but I don't have a link right now. However, as far as "building a bike from parts" a good starting point, or at least an interesting read, is Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza, available in some book stores and at Amazon. There's also a website,, managed by the same folks who brought us the book. Some of the stuff is purely wacky and whimsical, but you may find some ideas and inspiration for your project. And feel free to contact me again here if you have other questions.

Tim said...

Liz -

You might also look at:

John said...

If it snows on Monday do we get a free cap snaffler!

Tim said...

Too funny! I'm trying to remember what the cap snaffler is.

John said...

A cap snaffler is a soft neoprene disk that you use to open those stubborn jars. It was one of those "that's not all" add-ins to sweeten the deal fro some other junk Popeil was hawking on TV.

Tim said...

John -

Now I remember! Yes, one of the many odd, and sometimes handy things that Ron Popeil had in his ads. I wonder if they still make those?