Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Amazing Snow!

This is an exceptional winter here in the DC area! We had a light snow on December 5th, then the big snow (about 20 inches in some areas) on December 19th. Then a light snow last Saturday... and more on Tuesday... and now, Friday, February 5th, a storm rolls in that promises to drop between 20 and 30 inches by the time it stops sometime Saturday! But wait, there's more... they are also predicting another storm next Tuesday, and then perhaps something else later in the week. This is not at all typical for this area, where we usually get maybe one or two snowfalls a year that amount to much (say, about 6 inches or so), and it's not unheard of to have none at all.

I walked home in it tonight, and will probably walk to the shop tomorrow. We're officially closed, but I may use the time to catch up on some projects. Folks have brought in some really interesting (to me, anyway) bikes lately, and it might be nice to work on them undisturbed. I suspect few people will stop by a bike shop in the midst of this storm.

Here's a picture of Church Street in Vienna, tonight. More can be found in my Flickr album, Feb 5, 2010 Snowfall.


David said...

Is it still coming down? Looks like fun.

Tim said...

It stopped sometime in the early evening, I'm not sure exactly when, but the skies were clearing by 6:30. It's gorgeous out! Tough walking in it, but worth it.