Sunday, June 29, 2008


Not the kind you're thinking about... no, these are "volunteer" sunflowers... the product of our (over-?) generosity with bird seed.

Annie planted a lovely flower bed in the yard, neatly surrounded by a circle of concrete segments making up a circle. The tidiness of that arrangement fell by the wayside pretty quickly, as the concrete pieces consistently fell over, and the flowers ended up growing over the border anyway.

Then the "other" shoots started popping up in between the lovely small flowers... shoots that kept growing higher and higher, until it finally became clear that these were sunflowers. Sunflowers that sprouted from the seeds fallen from an earlier bird feeder. Considering that we had planted sunflowers in other parts of the yard, and they are only just now getting close to budding, it's pretty funny to see such a healthy crop from feeder fallout.

Crazy and random as it is, it makes for a lovely sight... the mix of sunflowers and the lower flowers is quite pretty.

Just goes to show, sometimes the unplanned can be a wonderful thing.

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