Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bats, Lightning Bugs, and Deer

It's that time of year again... my evening rides home from work on the W&OD rail-trail feature an abundance of critters out and about. In addition to the rabbits and local cats that seem to wander the trail most of the year, these summer months bring out an amazing number of bats, which zoom about overhead as I ride home. The sky is also often filled with fireflies, or lightning bugs as we used to call them when I was a little kid... it's quite the show to seem them blinking their way hither and yon. And of course, the deer are quite abundant this time of year... tonight I had two of them casually saunter across the trail, not far ahead of me. They both seemed singularly unimpressed with my presence... a sign I suppose, that they are too accustomed to humans. One actually looked at me with what seemed a bored expression, as if to say "if you expect me to get all excited and get out of your way, you are going to be sorely disappointed!"

Okay, so I'm reading too much into a deer's mind. Hey, I have to keep myself entertained somehow!

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