Friday, January 5, 2007

Interesting encounter

Well, this morning, as I was getting dressed, I caught a movement outside out of the corner of my eye. Looking out the window, about 20 feet away I saw a hawk (Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned, I really don't know which... if anyone has hints on how to tell them apart, let me know) quietly ripping a pigeon to shreds. I've always had a fascination for raptors, so this was really cool for me. We've lived in this house now for 2 years, and twice previously I had seen a hawk perched on our fence, and several times in nearby trees, or flying overhead. And a few weeks ago, I discovered a pile of pigeon feathers in the yard... no bones or flesh... just feathers. I had a hunch it was a hawk kill, but I wasn't sure. Today I found out... looking at the aftermath of his breakfast today, it looked just like the scene I found a few weeks back.

A funny side note to this... while I was watching and snapping pictures of the hawk, a squirrel popped up onto the neighbor's porch. He hopped around a bit, then sat up on his hind legs... and looked over toward the hawk... paused... looked... then scurried off the other direction! I don't blame him... even though the hawk was engrossed in breakfast, I wouldn't push my luck.

I'll try to get pics up somewhere if they come out well.

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