Friday, January 19, 2007

Had a scare Wednesday night...

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The picture you see is my little buddy Tybalt, the cat I've had for almost two years now. I've generally been a "dog person" my whole life, but have been won over to cats, in large measure due to this little fella.

Anyway, we let him and his buddy Tomas roam at will on days where I'm home all day, and Wednesday was one of those. He typically comes in to visit or nap during the day, then comes in for good before dark. Wednesday, I didn't see him at all during the day, and he was nowhere to be found at dusk. Annie and I spent a frantic several hours looking for him and calling, to no avail. We finally gave up after it had been dark several hours. I drafted up a "have you seen this cat" sign, thinking I'd have to put it around the neighborhood in the morning, and dreading the thought of not seeing him again.

I fell asleep around midnight, but woke up around 2am, and ended up in the living room, dozing and waking on and off until 3:30, when I thought I heard a familiar little squeak (Tybalt has a very tiny voice!). At first I thought it was imagination and wishful thinking, but a moment later, in he trots, acting like nothing is at all unusual. I was so happy to see him! I never really realized before how much I could connect with a cat... and I'm grateful he's back.

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