Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Ride

Well, it was very humid this morning, and it started to sprinkle just a little as I was headed home, but I still had a nice morning ride.

One highlight...  The blackberries are starting to ripen! Ever since I was a kid, playing in the woods and fields around home, I've loved that aspect of summer... the dark, sweet berries, so delicious... all the more so for the nicks and cuts gotten picking them. As I understand it, blackberries are a "boundary plant", meaning they thrive where woods and open spaces meet... which means bike paths are an ideal location for them! Sure enough, the W&OD has quite a few brambles along the trail, and I had my first taste of ripe, wild blackberries for this season.  Yum!

Another bright spot in today's otherwise overcast ride as sighting a few goldfinches zooming and darting through the air along the way. Such gorgeous birds! So graceful, agile and bright. Too quick to get a picture of, but still nice to see.


Rootchopper said...

We have been watching goldfinches at our bird feeder all summer. One morning I counted 5 on the feeder at the same time. They seem to like bird feed called Hot Meats which are shelled and covered with cayenne pepper (which keeps the squirrels under control).

Tim said...

Thanks for the bird seed tip! They are such beautiful birds, and when you can get them to your feeders it's great!