Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It Ain't Macy's, but...

... the only real "decorating" I managed to do this Christmas (aside from my mom's lights) was to put a few strings of battery-powered lights on the bike I built, the Goshawk. The shop was scheduled to do our annual Christmas Eve Luminaries Ride (in which we ride around a local neighborhood that puts out the little candles in bags for the holidays)but due to ice and snow on the roads and on lawns, John decided it was best to cancel. This came about, of course, AFTER I had decked the bike out with lights! So John suggested I put the bike up in the front window of the shop to join our spiffy new "Open" sign and the Christmas lights I had already hung there.

So the only question now is, what is the correct protocol with a decorated bicycle in a shop window for the holidays? Does it come down at the Epiphany or sooner? Later? Decisions, decisions.

Might require serious thought. I know! A walk along the Canal would help with that! On a blustery, cold winter afternoon. Delightful.


Anonymous said...

Rule of thumb is usually January 6, and most shops seem to manage getting everything down before then. Homes are another story; I've seen Christmas lights turned on every night through mid-January, and left on houses as late as Valentine's Day.

A co-worker made a menorah out of a chopped up bike rim, a bunch of fender struts and reflectors. I never got a decent photo of it but I did manage to snag it afterwards and hide it away for next Chanukah.

Tim said...

That menorah sounds great! I hope you get pictures next year.

The bike is still in the shop window, but the lights are switched off. Kinda funny to have a road bike in the window for a change. I'll probably take it down today.