Sunday, November 16, 2008


"Snorfling? What the heck is snorfling?" you ask.

Well, it's the noise Tybalt makes when he's in my lap, semi-conscious, just enjoying life. It's not a purr...his purr is so soft you have to have your ear against his side to hear it. No, it's his own special sound... sort of a heavy-breathing, soft snoring sound. It goes sorta like this... "snorfle... snorfle... snorfle..." :-)

You have to see it and hear it to appreciate it, but I find it makes me smile. The little guy is good at that.


The Driver said...

Cat and cyclist always seem to go together.

Tim said...

Maybe it's because you never hear of a cat chasing a cyclist? :-)

Seriously though, I love dogs, and have always considered myself a "dog person", but this fuzzy little guy has made me realize how wonderful cats can be. Totally unlike dogs (well, Tybalt will fetch sometimes...), but delightful.