Monday, November 3, 2008

Pictures from the parade

Well, here are a couple of pictures of me from the Vienna Halloween Parade.

To the left there I am, zooming down the street, ram's horns on, shot from behind by part time employee Robert Hakim, who is quite the photographer. Robert rode a Catrike, which is one of the "tadpole" style trikes, which have two wheels in front which steer and one in back which is the drive wheel. Very low slung and sporty, they're also handy if you want to take photos while riding.

Then here to the right is me, stopping and folding up the bike. I didn't take into account the relative lack of light on the parade route. Nor did I factor in the fact that I would be wearing gloves. For that matter, I have to admit, it's an entirely different thing to do ANYTHING with a bunch of people watching!

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