Thursday, May 1, 2008


Nope, not a rant about motorists vs. bicyclists, although I'm sure one of those will come eventually.

No, today's post is about the odd couple I saw on Tuesday... on the roof of Bikes@Vienna, where I work...

I was taking a customer's bike out for a final check ride, when I heard the distinct sound of a goose close by. I looked around, and there he was, sitting on the roof.

At first I had no idea what he was carrying on about, with his insistent honking... then I looked at the roof of the neighboring building... and saw another goose, which I am guessing was his mate. She was just sitting quietly, looking around at the town, as near as I can tell, as sunset approached, not really paying a lot of attention to the other goose.

And then John brought Java, his labrador, downstairs... and she was immediately, acutely aware of the presence of waterfowl nearby. She planted herself right by the front of the building, looking longingly up at the roof! It took quite a bit of cajoling to get her to go inside.

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Troutbum74 said...

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