Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike to Work Day 15 seconds of not-quite-fame

Well, a local news channel came to the Vienna "pit stop" yesterday and shot some footage and talked to some folks. And that gave me a tiny little moment of near-fame. Watch the clip closely, and you'll see a moment of my hand turning someone's cranks... and a guy being interviewed saying "he's getting really greasy..." well, I'm the "he" being referred to.

Link to the story:

One other funny thing... the two moments have nothing to do with each other, and took place about a half an hour apart. The guy who talks about me getting greasy had some issues with his brakes which I was fixing as he said that... and the cranks being turned were on another person's bike later in the day. The wonders of editing.

Also, the man identified at "Pit Stop Manager" is none other than my boss and owner of Bikes@Vienna, John Brunow. You will find few folks more enthusiastic about bringing cycling to more people than John. While he's not a firebrand sort of radical advocacy type, he quietly goes about bringing more and more people into the joys of cycling every day.


E.Wurzel said...

Ah,the Whole Foods on Maple Ave. Makes me nostalgic for my old Commute...

beth h said...


Next time you come visit, bring your boss and your sweetie with you. Maybe they'll want to move here.
(Can't blame me for trying.)