Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A radical new astronomical theory

I'm not an astronomer... I don't even play one on TV... and no, I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

But I have come up with a new theory... one that came to me in the night... as I tried to sleep... Here goes...

There appears to be an actual Center of the Universe!

It is a mobile yet immovable object, that seems impervious to any external force... it only moves at the urging of some unknown, mysterious force entirely internal to itself. When it is at rest, it most assuredly WILL stay at rest, regardless of whatever else is happening in the universe around it. When it is moving, it moves, unaffected by anything else, going the path it chooses.

It is, in astronomical terms, really, really small... not infinitely small, mind you, like some matter... no, it has a definite size and weight.... call it about eight and a half pounds, give or take... and smaller than a breadbox, but bigger than a bagel.

It is, simply put...

My cat, Tybalt! You see him there in all his glory, basking in bed, secure in the knowledge that nothing and nobody can get him to surrender his spot in the bed, unless he chooses to do so!

Honestly, this is one stubborn cat... if he's decided on "his" spot in the bed, heaven help anyone who might actually think otherwise! :-)

Good thing he's so darned cute!


davison said...

You are mistaken.

Fuzzy, ( My cat ) is the center of the universe.

Please adjust your theory accordingly.

LVSunrise said...

LOL! It truly does defy explanation how seven or eight pounds can seem at least three times that amount when it is happily, and stubbornly, in the form of my furry little friend curled up the the most inconvenient of places - like right now - as she is lying across my wrists while I try to type. Give Tybalt a little chin scratch and tell him he is absolutely correct, this is his world and we're all just here to feed and entertain him. But don't tell Roxy, cuz I told her it was HER world.... ;)

PS Kucinich just dropped out of the race, please God, help the Democrats... we HAVE to win!