Friday, January 4, 2008

One Reason I Ride...

Today I was reminded of why it is I ride my bike... one of the reasons, at least.

It was cold... much colder than yesterday. And I'm still suffering from a lingering cold and cough, so I was feeling run down and having trouble breathing sometimes. Frankly, it wasn't feeling like fun. But then I saw a fox... a rather large and healthy one... racing across the bike path and up and embankment to my right. He stopped at the top and watched me... until I stopped to take his picture, when he vanished before I could even get my camera out. Still, it made me smile, and remember why I ride.

A few minutes later, I had another nice encounter... this time with a flagman in a road construction zone I was crossing through. We chatted a little while I waited for the light... he asked if I was cold, and I said the wind was the tough part. Then he asked how many speeds my bike had, and when I told him 21 he smiled and said he used to have a Raleigh that had 3. I laughed and said I remembered those... and that I actually still own a couple. A minor encounter, but the kind of thing you don't have happen in a car.

All in all, a good ride in, and a good start to my day.

It even made the various "French threaded component" issues I dealt with at the shop today a little easier to take.

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