Saturday, March 17, 2007

Miyata Commuter Revised!

originally uploaded by frickercycle.
Well, I wanted to post a photo of the Miyata 210 winter commuter I built up, as it is now. After a few weeks trying to love Albatross bars, I gave up and switched to Moustache bars. Much better! It's more comfortable for me, feels faster, and the handling feels more secure and familiar. Maybe the Albatrosses will find a home on another bike someday.


Kristin said...

Hey, I just bought a Miyata 210, and I'm thinking about using bar end shifters instead of down tube ones currently on there. Not sure what to get though, seems like the 6-speed freewheel might make it difficult to find something that will work; what did you use? I'm using this bike to learn how to actually fix things, since I tend to just take my bikes to the mechanic rather then working on them myself. :) Thanks!

MichaelJRyan said...

I just got a Miyata 210, and I changed the down tube shifters to bar end shifters.
I used the Rivendell Silver shifters. They work in friction mode, and the number of gears doesn't matter.
Not cheap, but they sure are nice.
You could also use the Shimano bar end shifters (in friction mode), or the sunrace shifters ON the bars (cheap but they work well) A bike shop near my home (Recycled cycles)also sells used Suntour bar end shifters sometimes, and that would be a great way to go, too. Good luck.