Saturday, March 17, 2007

Crazy Weather in DC Area

On March 7th, I was supposed to go visit my mom to clear some fallen branches from her yard. I didn't go, because it snowed that day, and while we don't ever really get THAT MUCH snow here, people seem to lose all driving sense (if they have any to begin with!) when they see anything come out of the sky here.

This past Wednesday (three days ago), we had a high somewhere in the high 70s. I've heard it even hit 80 in some places. A gorgeous, warm, spring- almost summmer- like day.

Friday (yesterday) we got treated to cold rain, which changed to sleet, then snow. And the high today is supposed to be 36 degrees.

Global warming? Or just the peculiarities of the mid-Atlantic region? Or both? Who knows. Me, I'd love to have a stretch of days in the 50s, followed by days in the 60s, then 70s. But having grown up in the region, I know it's just as likely, if not more likely, that we will go from 30s to 70s overnight, and maybe even back and forth a few more times, and before you know it, we'll be in the humid 90s of summer.

I miss the weather in Portland, and the very different weather in Flagstaff!

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