Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fuji - cleaned up, coming together!

Bare frame and fork, after cleaning.
Well, it's taking some time, but the Fuji is starting to shape up.  I took it completely apart, down to the frame, and gave it a good cleaning.  I used QuickGlo on the chrome bits, which cleaned up better than you might have expected.  Even the paint looked better than I feared.  Sure, it's got some nicks and scrapes, and places where it's gone kind of dull, but for a 36 year old bike, I can't complain!

With wheels, bars, brake levers, etc, installed.
Now it's time to start putting her back together again.  I'd initially thought I'd just build her back up just as she was originally, to really complete the trip down memory lane. The more I thought about it, though, it made more sense to do something different. I have a number of old steel road bikes with drop bars and such... maybe what I need is more of a "city" bike. As some of you probably know, there's been a surge in interest in practical bikes similar to older French "porteur" bikes, so I thought I might try something in that vein.

It's coming together now... I hope to have it finished this week...

Pictures are here: 1977 Fuji S-10S

For Fuji fans, there's a great website that has many older catalogs scanned and posted.  Here's the page from the 1977 catalog that describes the S-10S:

And here's a link to the more detailed specifications for the model, from the same catalog:

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bikelovejones said...

A very nice treatment of a beautiful old bike! And thanks for dusting off the blog. Happy rebuilding!