Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, after a few "dustings" this winter, yesterday we actually got a real snowfall. I don't know the official numbers but unofficially I think we got about 8 inches here in Vienna, VA.

I'd driven to work in the morning, figuring I'd leave my truck at work and walk home if the snow really came. Walking home last night, I was amazed at how bad the roads were. The main route east out of town was at a total standstill, with cars getting stuck, some being abandoned by their owners.

One nice thing that came out of it all... I got to see a number of instances where folks pitched in to help a stuck person out. It's good to see people helping one another out on the road, since so often it seems more combative on DC area streets and highways.

It's very pretty here today, and since it's not warming up too much too soon, it's probably going to stay that way a while.

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