Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strange discovery

This past week, I was in a small grocery store on the New Jersey shore, and discovered a product that I had assumed had long ago vanished from the market... CANDY CIGARETTES!

No, really... they still make them! The look just the same as they used to... long, thin white sticks of sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, tapioca, gelatin, and artificial flavors. And they taste... well, awful, honestly. One of those things that makes you wonder what you were thinking as a kid! The packaging is the same as I recall from childhood...with one exception: the word "cigarette" no longer appears anywhere on the package. Other than that, take a look, and you'll see they look just the same... names like "Lucky Lights" and "Kings", in boxes that look like cigarette boxes, complete with a fake tax stamp on the top.

Really strange... given current thinking about smoking, you'd never imagine someone would think these were a good idea still. Go figure.


cliff said...

That is not the only candy that is still around. I found the following site a few months ago:

bikelovejones said...

Rich's Cigar Shop in downtown Portland still sells bubble gum cigars -- in horrid pastel colors -- but not the candy cigs. Apparently they can't be sold here anymore, even if the word "cigarette" is removed from packaging. State law.

2whls3spds said...

Nostalgia? Lots of boomers out there.