Sunday, April 4, 2010


And this morning I noticed the forsythia are starting to get their
green leaves.

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T B Hall said...

Hi!! My name is Tina Baker Hall. I live in east TX now, but lived in Bowie, MD when I was young. I am a couple of yrs older than U are, but do have a brother that would be close to your age.If I'm not mistaken I went to school with 1 of your sisters @ Yorktown Elem.My Dad died while I was in th 6th grade & we moved to TX @ th end of that school year. Some of th pics from behind your Mom's house were emotional for me since they were also from behind our home in Bowie. My e-mail address is Again I loved looking @ th pics 40 yrs ago we had a Tarzan swing back was so fun & great memories!!