Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Brompton US Championship

Here's a shot of the trio of gents who won the "Best Dressed Male" prize, a lovely Brooks Barbican messenger bag!

The Philadelphia Daily News has some photos up, and I show up in two of them:

I'm in photos 5 and 8, behind and to the left of the woman dressed as a stewardess, who I suspect is the sole reason I appear in any photos at all. It pays to be near one of the winners of "Best Dressed", apparently!

I've also posted some of my own photos on Flickr:

Brompton US Championship, March 20, 2010


John Pickett said...

Looks like the Ministry of Silly Bikes to me.

Tim said...

Funny you should say that John... from a press release from the Brompton folks:

The Brompton World Championship series of events require that all participants ride the Brompton folding bike and wear business attire.

Like the U.K. event which inspired it, the Philadelphia event featured a Le Mans running start and had a strict dress code: helmets were a must, as was a blazer or suit jacket, collared shirt and tie. Sports attire was not permitted, unless it was hidden by business garb.

“Imagine the Tour de France—staged by Monty Python,” says Brompton dealer Michael McGettigan, who’s helping to organize the event.