Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Spotted" Along the Bike Trail

Yeah, a bad pun...

This morning I got together with my best buddy Steve for breakfast at our usual local spot (The Vienna Inn, famous for chili dogs, but makers of good breakfasts as well), followed by a bike ride. It was a nice ride, despite the astounding amount of moisture in the air (ah, August in the mid-Atlantic states!), and the company was good. Steve and I have been riding buddies since college, when I helped him buy his first nice road bike, way back when. We have similar paces and outlooks on riding (it's supposed to be fun, first and foremost), so a ride with him is always good.

This morning, we were treated to a couple of "nature" moments... one, a pair of dazzling Tiger Swallowtail butterflies on a bright purple flower, I only caught a fleeting glimpse of as we whizzed by... the other, this pair of beautiful little fawns in the woods alongside the trail. They were very young, still in their spots, and wide eyed as they looked at us looking at them.

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