Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Ride

Well, once again, bikes@vienna hosted a ride around a Vienna neighborhood known for putting out luminaries for the holidays. If you don't know, luminaries are small candles in paper bags, put out as a holiday decoration. I don't know where it originated, but it's kinda pretty. This year there seemed to be fewer houses participating... perhaps the economic situation is affecting people's mood and desire to decorate... it does seem like there are fewer decorated houses in general this year. But there were a few really amazing ones out there tonight.

It was still a good time though. We had about 10 riders total, and a fun assortment of bikes... a recumbent trike, recumbent tandem, a "crank forward" from Rans, and a variety of upright bikes. We rode about an hour and a half, and just generally had a good time. This year John wanted to sing carols, so we stopped at a couple of points and sang to no one in particular. At one point we stopped at the house of a friend of one of the families riding, and rang the bell and sang... and the only response we got was their standard poodle jumping onto the back of the couch by the window and barking while we sang! Apparently the people weren't home. Oh well, we had a good laugh about it. And a nice ride all in all.

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beth h said...

Merry Christmas, Tim.
Happy riding -- hugs --Beth