Monday, August 4, 2008

She's a Mom!

We kind of suspected it, since our little possum friend (now known as Pearl... don't ask me, ask Annie) looked to be a little chunky when we first saw her. She must have been carrying babies in her pouch, because a couple of nights ago, Annie excitedly called me over to the back door... where I saw Pearl and two little baby possums chowing down on the snacks Annie had laid out on our porch. We're soft touches when it comes to animals, and the theory is also that it will keep her outside and not exploring in the house for food. Who knows?

Anyway, there they were! Just hanging out on our deck and chowing down. We've seen the trio once or twice since then, but last night and tonight (Sunday) we've only seen one little one at a time, and no sign of Pearl. Not sure if it's the same baby each time or if they might be taking turns, or if mom is keeping watch somewhere while they eat, or what. We're hoping nothing bad has happened to her. In a residential neighborhood, there are a lot of hazards to wildlife, so who knows. We'll keep an eye out for her.

That's one of the little fellas in the pic above. I think his name is Elmo.

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beth h said...

Hey Softie: you're in for it now.

1. Do EVERYthing you can to keep the family outside.
2. Maybe don't make such good friends with them, so the kids can grow up and get used to fending for themselves.
3. Now that she's a mama, Mama Possum may turn on you without warning. Watch those teeth and claws!

True story, about six weeks ago, I was riding to work one morning when I saw a large mama possum sitting in the road, hunkered up against the curb on 15th near Ainsworth. She had three babies clinging to her and was very agitated by all the traffic passing by. I stopped and stared for a good ten minutes, and motioned at two other cyclists coming up behind me to give her a very wide berth.
I hope she and the kidlets made it outta there.