Wednesday, February 7, 2007


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Only the second real snowfall we've had this season, and still not a big one. Ah, the quirky mid-Atlantic winters... we have had a mostly balmy one so far, but for the last week or so it's been COLD... and last night we got a nice little dusting of snow.

The pic is of my little buddy Tybalt, trying to figure out his next move. He seems to really love the snow....this morning, when I first let him and Tomas out, he ran down into the yard, and immediately began pouncing and swatting at the snow like it was a mouse or something. Very funny to see.

Tonight I teach another session of my basic bicycle maintenance and repair class. I just cover things like fixing a flat and simple gear and brake adjustments in this one. I hope to offer something more advanced before we get back into the busy spring season. I find people seem to really enjoy the class, and feel a lot better about their bikes afterwards. Some of them are just relieved to have a better understanding, with no desire to actually do the work themselves in the future... while others are hungry for further education. I like the class... it's a small way to keep my hand in teaching, which I did for about a decade, all told.

I also recently received news about an opening for the sort of job I used to do in theatre. Funny thing is, I'm not even tempted in the slightest. You spend 20+ years doing something, and you're convinced it's what you most want to do, but when you're done, you're done. I'm thoroughly enjoying the bicycle world, and can live quite well without the stress of my old life. Especially when I see a job description that includes the phrase "and anything else that might arise" !!!

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